We are team of people
focused on quality of service
and we take pride in what we do!

Ivan Lozić

Passionate Software Developer, snowboarder and bachata dancer.

Tomislav Priselac

Passionate Software Developer and quality nutrition only addict.

Patrik Mihaljević
ML engineer

Passionate Software Developer and Machine Learning enthusiast.

Dejan Matijević
backend developer

I am a thrill-seeker. I find inspiration in adventures.

Matea Delaš
office manager

Love cookies a lot, but don't like to agree with them.

Frane Rogošić
QA engineer

Enthusiastic software tester, musician and 80s action movies aficionado.

Reslav Hollos
frontend developer

Source code diver, tech details lover and automation enthusiast.

Zlatko Prahović
software developer

Software developer, dreamer and fitness enthusiast.

Vedran Brundić
QA engineer

QA ninja, robotics enthusiast and a part-time rock star.

Viktor Malab
software developer

Software developer and WoW lover.

Krešimir Horvat
software developer

Developer, traveler, sneaker collector.

Jake Dragash
digital designer

A Four on the Enneagram.

Ivan Fabijanić
ML engineer

I’m trying to teach machines to do something cool with code and occasional begging.

Igor Kos
software developer

Passionate developer who wanted to be a football player.

Iva Derković Hrvatin
marketing manager

Marketing expert full of ideas (that's why I get in trouble)

Renato Bošnjak
ML engineer

Machine Learning and Data Science enthusiast. I like walks, as long as they are not random.

Dario Bošnjak
ML engineer

I torture data until it confesses.

Ivan Čiš
digital designer

Modernist. Brand builder.

Karlo Fabijanić
backend developer

Young developer looking forward to learning new and cool stuff regarding software development.

Luka Zrnić
frontend developer

Passionate developer who loves a bit of everything - tech, movies, cars, motorbikes, ...

Marko Štajcer
frontend developer

Loves developing things on the web together with his eskimos.

Matija Korman
backend developer

INTJ that likes solving programming puzzles and knows a thing or two about psychology.

Josipa Marenić
human resources manager

People enthusiast who truly believes the right attitude makes all the difference.

Patrik Đurasek
backend developer

Professional Reddit surfer, dog lover and an avid gamer.

Bojan Strmečki
backend developer

Loves a good game, craft beer and a hearty meal..

Tea Mihaljević
project manager

A passionate learner and project seeker, also the greatest fan of Masha and the Bear..

Suzana Bulić
QA engineer

Jag pratar lite svenska..

Mario Pavlović
frontend developer

Beside being a web developer, I live without stress.

Antonio Bradičić
backend developer

Sarcasm as a lifestyle