Gain real work experience with a
Deegloo Internship Program

What you'll be doing

You can choose between Java Spring Boot and Angular/React technologies. You'll be working on real-world projects side by side with Deegloo engineers. Each intern will have a mentor assigned making sure all your questions get answered.


If you are a student, and completed your third year at university or higher, and have practical experience with OOP you might just be the fit for us, so read on.

If you are interested in Java Spring Boot we expect you to have at least basic experience programming in Java and working with Git.

For the Angular requirements, we expect you to have at least basic experience working with HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

We can you offer you

  • A compensation package based on the value you provide
  • Flexible working hours
  • Infrastructure as code, TDD and BDD approach
  • Code reviews
  • A MacBook Pro and a 4K monitor, a desk plant if you prefer something green


Internship will be held in our new office at Zadarska 80, Zagreb.

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