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Java Spring Boot or Angular


You can read here about our summer school for students - DevFactory.

Summer school workshops

For our first summer school we'll be focusing on two distinct areas:

  • Building backends with Java Spring Boot
  • Building frontends with Angular

The lecturers for the workshops will be some of our best engineers we have at Deegloo and they'll be at your disposal during the lectures.

When does it start and how long does it last

The lectures will take place during four consecutive Saturdays starting on Saturday the 4th of July, and ending on Saturday the 25th of July. The lectures will start at 9:00 am and end at the latest at 3:00 pm. No worries, we'll have enough breaks for you to get coffee, eat something or simply relax a bit before we continue.


If you're a student, and completed your second year at university or higher, and have basic knowledge of OOP you might just be the fit for us, so read on.

If you are interested in Java Spring Boot we expect you to have at least basic experience programming in Java and working with Git

For the Angluar requirements, we expect you to have at least basic experience working with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Please bring your personal laptop to the workshops!

Application deadline

You can apply until the 20th of May 2020.

Selection Process

We'll select the 15 best applications in each of the two categories and interview each person before narrowing down the list to 10 attendees per workshop.


DevFactory will be held in our new office at Zadarska 80, Zagreb.

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