Junior/Mid Backend Developer

Deegloo is a fast growing company looking for help from Junior and Mid-level Backend Java developers to build a flagship product for our client.

If you’re not a person who’s into stories, jump to the “What we’re looking for” section for specific details. But if you want to know more about us, just follow along.

Our story

It’s been an incredible journey so far - scaling a company from two to twenty people in less than two years, devoting all our time and energy to create a culture which fosters creative ideas and teamwork as well as a systematization of our processes in order to build a structure and get rid of frustrations. Along the way, we’ve never stopped reinvesting in the business to open even more doors and challenge ourselves to achieve even greater things.

Creating a company based on honesty and transparency, a company where positive and accountable people flourish and the best ideas win, came with a reward - more responsibility and more work. It’s all we’ve ever asked for!

We’ve been given yet another opportunity to step up the ladder and help our client grow their business even more. This time, it’s about forming our fourth team to build Dairy.com client’s flagship product, and we can’t wait to get started.

As it usually happens with companies, we’ve gone over our limits and now need to delegate the work in order to scale the organization. And this is where we need help from people like you.

What we’re looking for

If you’re a junior or mid-level developer who enjoys building on top of the technology stack below and shares our core values, we can’t wait to meet you.

Technology stack:

  • Java
  • Spring framework

In addition, optional but a plus can be knowledge of:

  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS
  • Liquibase
  • Cucumber
  • IntelliJ IDEA

Our core values:

  • +Attitude - in general (of course, anyone can have a bad day)
  • Supportiveness - you’re a good team player and enjoy helping others. You often give more than what’s asked of you
  • Integrity - you communicate openly and honestly and have strong moral principles
  • Dedication - you’re dedicated to the cause and like to get work done
  • Open-mindedness - you have no prejudices and are open to new ideas and approaches. You know, a brain is like a parachute - if it’s closed it doesn’t work :)

We can offer you

  • Both personal and professional growth in a enchanting atmosphere built with best UI/UX, fast API endpoints and zero-bugs fighters
  • A well-established development process scrutinized and backed up by the best practices. We call it “Deegloo Development Workflow 2.0”
  • An opportunity to build something from scratch instead of plugging into legacy systems
  • Career switch if you decide some other position suits you better - we’ll win together only if you really enjoy your position and integrate your passion into your work
  • MacBook Pro and a 4k monitor, a plant aside if you prefer green
  • Flexible working hours and work from home up to six days per month - no questions asked
  • Office 3.0 - yeah, it’s the third time we’re moving :). You can expect some high class in our new office built from scratch for us at the Zadarska 80, Zagreb location
  • A compensation package based on the value you provide - we will have one-on-one talks, quarterly goals, and various assessments. You will be heard and have the opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities - rewards will follow
  • An educational budget for any books you would like to read, conferences you want to participate in, or certificates you would like to apply for
  • Cross-functional Scrum teams of 5-6 people participating in agile development
  • Infrastructure as code, TDD and BDD approach and code reviews
  • Communication with our Machine Learning team to understand how they automate processes using a Deep Neural Network

If you like what you've read above help us shape both our company culture and the Dairy Industry.